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OutSystems NextStep 2017 Mobile App

UX/UI design, feature prioritization, wireframes, shared digital assets

João Guerra, Silvia Sequeira, Angel Vuong

The NextStep app released in the App Store and Google Play in Fall 2017.

OutSystems NextStep 2017 is a global conference that combines low-code development and digital transformation. Global attendees gather in Lisbon/Utrecht/Chicago and have the opportunity to learn from an impressive lineup of industry leaders and technology experts, connect with peers, and receive hands-on training from the OutSystems product team. We created a mobile app to guide users throughout the conference. 


My team was tasked to design a mobile app to accompany OutSystems' highly anticipated industry event. 

Discovery and Understanding

NextStep (2).png

We identified four key moments and use cases for event attendees:

  1. Pre-event: I want a ticket

  2. Pre-event: I have a ticket → notifications, event details

  3. During event: I am here → event details, keynote details, demo showcase, FAQ

  4. Post-event: I was there → event recap

For the context of this sprint, we wanted to focus on solutions for the pre-event and event day flows. 

How might we enable event attendees to make the most out of their conference experience? 

Ideation and Validation

Our initial brainstorm session resulted in varied sketches and solutions for the home screen, agenda, and event details. We needed to design an app for discovery. We combined our ideas, critiqued and sought feedback on our solutions, and moved forward with the ones that best communicated the main use cases and user needs. 

We worked in tight collaboration with leadership, development, and marketing teams to get early feedback on our designs and ensure that we were effectively communicating the event's message.

Our design team collaborating with marketing.

Our design team collaborating with marketing.


We continually iterated on our designs for the home and agenda pages during this sprint, relying on rapid sketching and wireframing as a quick and effective way to lay out our ideas. For efficiency, we also used UI patterns from our pattern library.

Early feedback told us that our agenda, while thoughtful, was too sophisticated for the length of the event. We were also challenged to rethink ways to make our pre-event home page to be more venue-specific. 



We designed the app with a full conference agenda including topics, speakers, and details. Our first sprint was completed at the end of July 2017, and I handed off shared design assets to my team. OutSystems continued to further develop and refine the app, and our final product was released in the App Store and Google Play in Fall 2017.