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Madewell E-commerce Micro Site

Madewell is an apparel retailer under the J.Crew Group that specializes in denim and its counterparts: timeless leather jackets, great boots, slouchy tees and have-forever totes. Madewell conducts its business through retail, catalogue, and e-commerce sales. 

user research, user testing, information architecture, wireframing, rapid prototyping, ideation, rapid concepting

Axure, POP app, Keynote

I created a micro site to feature Madewell's line of artful and cool footwear to maximize sales and offer full retail solutions for consumers. Denim purchases can now be complimented with the perfect pair of stylish boots to offer consumers a finished look that's modern, effortless, and complete.

Working with Madewell's existing inventory, I created information architecture and designed the web interface for a micro site that is easily navigable by the brand's target demographic and conveys the brand's image.

Discovery and Research

I began by conducting observational research and card sorting to understand how each product subcategory was perceived and organized by consumers. All users identified two distinctive categories for footwear: shoes and socks/tights. Users further organized the subcategories by orders of type, length, and material. Analogous category organization by all users informed my decisions in the information architecture and user flow.


I analyzed industry competitors and comparable brands, identifying standout features and services that could be implemented in the micro site design.

Information Architecture

Madewell Site Map.jpg

Annotated Wireframes


The microsite showcases a quick and seamless e-commerce experience, complete with: predictable checkout, social media integration, and one-click purchasing.


Next Steps

In future iterations, a mobile site will be designed to accommodate users who prefer the mobile experience. 

Please contact me for the complete case study.